Liste de la doc disponible auprès de John

When you have a very technical issue, let's try to ask John who is a real expert since he has spent more than 20 years of his life working on TE 20s !

In english here please

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Liste de la doc disponible auprès de John

Message par webmaster » 07 Juin 2007, 12:09

John dispose d'un certain nombre de fiches pratiques et techniques, dont voici la liste (c'est en anglais of course !). Cela peut aider dans certains cas. Il suffit de le contacter à ce sujet

1. AXLE. How-to Replace a leaking axle-shaft on a TO & TE20 series or FF30
2. AXLE. How-to Dismantle and axle-shaft assy. on a TO & TE20 series or FF30
3. AXLE. How-to fit “Sure Seals” to a TE20 /TO20 Early type Rear Axle
4. AXLE. How to change the Front Axle Pivot Pin and Bush TE20 & 35 - TO20/30/35
5. BRAKES. How-to adjust the Brakes on TO20/30 & TE20 series & FF30.
6. BRAKES When the Independent Brakes are Seized on TE20/TO20 & 30/FF30
7. BRAKES. How-to adjust the brakes on TO35 & FE35/MF35/MF835.
8. BRAKES Overhaul Brakes FE35/MF35/TO35/MF835
9. CLUTCH. Pedal clearance on Ferguson tractors.
10. CLUTCH. Service Manual for FE35/MF35/FE65/MF65
11. CLUTCH. Service Manual for 35 series with 87mm / 23c / Perkins 3A152 engines
12. CLUTCH. Service Manual for 135/148 tractors.
13. ELECTRICAL. How-to polarise a generator.
14. ELECTRICAL. Service and Repair of the Distributor
15. ELECTRICAL. Adjusting the Starter switch on TE series carburettor models.
16. ELECTRICAL. Adjusting the Starter Switch on a TEF Diesel.
17. ELECTRICAL. Wiring diagrams are available for most models.
18. ELECTRICAL.Wiring diagrams for converting to 12v from 6v.
19. ELECTRICAL. Fitting an Alternator in lieu of a Generator.
20. ELECTRICAL. Lucas 6v starter, adjusting to fit to flywheel. IMPORTANT!
21. ENGINE. Priming a TEF without a fuel feed pump
22. ENGINE. Priming a TEF or FF30DS fitted with feed pump.
23. ENGINE. Priming a P3 Engine in a TE20 tractor
24. ENGINE. TEA Carburettor engine Top Overhaul and Valve Grind.
25. ENGINE. TEF Diesel. Top Overhaul and Valve Grind.
26. ENGINE. TVO and Zero Octane fuel system. TE20 series.
27. ENGINE. Air bleed valve TEA and TED.
28. ENGINE. Carburettor, Schebler “Marvel” for TE20 and TO20
29. ENGINE. Carburettor. Zenith 28G for TEA / TED & FE35’s
30. ENGINE. Carburettor. Holley for early TEA tractors.
31. ENGINE. Carburettor. Zenith 24-T2 for TEA and TED
32. ENGINE. How to prevent the Throttle Lever slipping TE20/TO20/30/35
33. ENGINE. Crankshaft Rear Main Seal. TEA & TED/FE35/MF35 Carb. Engines.
34. ENGINE. Cylinder Head Tightening Sequence. TEA/TED/FE35/MF35/FF30 Carburettor Engine
35. ENGINE. Cylinder Head Tightening Sequence. TEF & FF30DS Diesel engine
36. ENGINE. Cylinder Head Tightening Sequence & Valve Adjustment 3A-152 engine
37. ENGINE. Fuel system on TVO and Zero Octane Engines.
38. ENGINE. How to check the Governor on a TEF Diesel Engine
39. ENGINE. Ignition timing. Z120 Continental engine TE20.
40. ENGINE. Ignition Timing TEA. Petrol/Gas Engines
41. ENGINE. Ignition Timing TED. TVO Engines
42. ENGINE. Ignition Timing TEH. Zero Octane Engines
43. ENGINE. Ignition Timing TO20. Gas Engines
44. ENGINE. Ignition Timing TO30. Gas Engines
45. ENGINE. Main Torque and clearance settings TEA & TED. Carburettor Engine.
46. ENGINE. Main Torque and clearance settings TEF. & FF30DS. With 20c Diesel Engine
47. ENGINE. Manifold tightening sequence TEF 20c & FF30DS. Diesel Engine.
48. ENGINE. Manifold tightening sequence TEA & TED. Engines.
49. ENGINE. Overheating on Ferguson Tractors.
50. ENGINE. Removing engine from TEA & TED & FF30GS. Carburettor types.
51. ENGINE. Removing engine from TEF or FF30DS. Diesel.
52. ENGINE. Repairing the Engine Governor on a Ferguson Carburettor engine.
53. ENGINE. Re-set Valve Timing on a Ferguson Carburettor engine.
54. ENGINE. Re-setting the Engine Governor on a Ferguson Carburettor engine.
55. ENGINE. Re-setting the valve timing on a TEF or FF30DS Diesel
56. ENGINE. Adjusting the Spill timing on an TEF or FF30DS Diesel Injection Pump.
57. ENGINE. Setting the Valve and Decompressor Clearances on a TEF and FF30DS Diesel.
58. ENGINE. Setting the valve clearances on a Ferguson Carburettor engine
59. GEARBOX. Remove & repair from TE20 series/FF30 series.
60. GEARBOX. Replace the front seal on a 35.
61. GEARBOX. Multi-Power 135 & 148 Service Manual.
62. GEARBOX. Why does my TE20 series tractor stick in gear?
63. HYDRAULICS. How to Isolate the Hydraulic system on a TE20/TO20&30/FF30
64. HYDRAULICS. How-to check for the Control Valve sticking, 35 & 65 tractors.
65. HYDRAULICS. Checking for leaks, 35&65/F40/F50/TO35/835
66. HYDRAULICS. Correct Method of operating the Hydraulics 35/65/TO35/F40/F50/835
67. HYDRAULICS. Resetting the internal control linkage 35/65/TO35/F40/F50/835
68. HYDRAULICS. Reset Draft Control Spring FE35/TO35/MF35/65/F40/F50/835
69. HYDRAULICS. Adjusting Draft Spring for heavy & light work TE series TO20/30/FF30’s.
70. HYDRAULICS. Checking Hydraulic Pressure loss.TE20 series/TO20&30/FF30’s
71. HYDRAULICS. Removing the Hydraulic Pump from a TE20 series/TO20 & 30/FF30.
72. HYDRAULICS. Rocker bush remover TE20 series/TO20 & 30/FF30.
73. HYDRAULICS. Hydraulics will not lower TE20 series/TO20 & 30/FF30..
74. HYDRAULICS. Powering hydraulic motors. TE20 series/TO20 & 30/FF30.
75. HYDRAULICS. External with Spool Valves. TE20 series/TO20 & 30/FF30
76. HYDRAULICS. Hydraulic Quadrant setting. TE20 series/TO20 and 30/FF30.
77. HYDRAULICS. Power tapping points on TE20 series/TO20/TO30/FF30
78. HYDRAULICS. Adjusting Draft Control Spring & Quadrant.TE 20 series/TO20&30/FF30.
79. HYDRAULICS. Checking for Hydraulic Control Valve sticking. TE series/TO20&30/FF30.
80. HYDRAULICS. Adjusting the Draft Control Spring on the 36/65 series F40/F50/835
81. HYDRAULICS. Removing Hydraulic Lift cover TE20 series/TO20&30/FF30.
82. INFORMATION Instruction Book for the TEA tractor, as supplied with a new tractor.
83. Most things you wanted to know about a TE20.
84. Most things you wanted to know about a TEA20.
85. Most things you wanted to know about a TED20.
86. Most things you wanted to know about a TEF20.
87. OIL. Transmission and Hydraulic oil…all models.
88. OIL. Transmission and Hydraulic Multi-grade oil. All models.
89. PLOUGHS. How to set a Ferguson plough, (for beginners only)
90. PTO How To Replace the PTO bearing and seal on a TE20 series/TO20 & 30/ FF30
91. SERVICE INFORMATION Bulletins are available ( a complete list)
92. STEERING. Steering box repair. TE20 Series / FF30 series/TO20 &30
93. STEERING. Setting the toe-in adjustment. TE20 series/TO20 & 30/ FF30.
The Term TE20 or TE Series includes ALL variations of this UK produced model of tractor, not just the Continental engine gas version
unless stated otherwise. It also includes versions assembled or manufactured in France.

You need to tell me what your particular problem is and then I can send the correct
information for your tractor to enable you to repair it. Some of the Information I have
will require changing to suit your particular problem before I mail it to you.
Faults do not always have the same remedy, so I need to know as much about it as you
can tell me, this will allow me to change the information being sent to you for your
tractors specific fault.
I don’t send the information sheets out for you to keep “just in case you need them” as I
try to make them suit your particular problem when you tell me what problems you are
experiencing. What is ok for one tractor may not be ok for another although the fault
appears to be the same. Please give me as much detail as you can so that I can try to work
out just what the problem actually is from the information you are giving me. If the fault
you are experiencing isn’t in this list, JUST ASK! and I will write it for you.
Only request the ones for the particular job you are doing right now, but
do explain to me in as much detail as possible what the tractor is doing or
not doing or what you have done so far, as I may have to specifically
customize the information I am sending to you.
A trade Mark of AGCO Corporation
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Message par dannyleloup » 07 Juin 2007, 13:09

Hello John,

thank you for this huge source of information, I'm sure this will help a lot of members,

Merci JC pour avoir retransmis l'info! :wink:
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Message par SEPPI » 07 Juin 2007, 13:17

Bonjour, :)

Sacré liste et sacrée doc. :!:
Merci JOHN! :D

Web, pour des utilisateurs qui ne pratiquent pas bien la langue anglaise, une petite traduc. de ce qu'écrit John sur la façon de lui poser des questions est sans doute prévue?

Je suis, quant-à moi déja interressé par deux où trois items concernant le distributeur, la dynamo et le déma 6v.
Mais avant de le déranger, j'attends la petite traduction, car même si j'ai suivi en gros, les détails pratiques peuvent être importants.

A+ :wink:
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Message par john » 07 Juin 2007, 15:21

Bonjour Seppi, I saw your reply on the Forum but I am unsure of what you actually need.
is the first one repairing the distributor?
is the second one, changing to 12v from 6volts or have I got that wrong?
if you would let me know what it is that you need I will gladly send them to you....I will need your email address as they are too long to post on here....John
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Message par SEPPI » 07 Juin 2007, 17:59

Bonsoir John :)

I need first two items:

14. ELECTRICAL. Service and Repair of the Distributor

20. ELECTRICAL. Lucas 6v starter, adjusting to fit to flywheel. IMPORTANT

One of my Tea has pb with the distributor: l'avance automatique ne fonctionne plus

An other , has a Lucas 6v starter. I don't like to change to 12v, but verfy the "acquaintance" with flywheel. Odd noise when starter runs.

I send my email adress par MP;


Seppi :wink:
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