Adjustable drawbar (attelage)

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Adjustable drawbar (attelage)

Message par bondinfrance » 16 Août 2005, 16:19

Hello (new to the Forum)

I've just bought a TEF20 (made in France, s/n 54127279, not sure of the year - maybe you can tell me?), but it didn't come with the adjustable drawbar. I'd like to be able to tow using my tractor, and believe the drawbar is essential?

The manual which came with the tractor has a picture of the drawbar in place, and I wonder where I might be able to find one (are they available as spare parts?)




Message par john » 01 Sep 2005, 20:57

My apologies for not replying sooner, I missed your posting completely. The drawbar and stays are still available as spare parts and you should be able to get them from your local tractor dealer to order. The parts are made by "Sparex" and the part numbers are:-
S125, drawbar....1 off
S60455, lower stay strap....2 off
S60460, upper stay strap....2 off
you will also require 4 nuts, bolts and washers (flat and spring) to fasten them together.
It would appear that your tractor was made in 1956 in France.
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Message par Andrew » 12 Sep 2005, 13:49

Thanks very much for this info John. I have ordered the parts from my local MF dealer (total cost for the 5 items will be Euro 110.00). Unfortunately, delivery will not be until mid-October, as they do not have the stays in stock. However, I am a patient man, and I am sure these are exactly what I am looking for, so I will wait till then before attaching my trailer....

Meanwhile, I have also ordered the Drawbar Lock from the UK, to prevent the drawbar from swivelling round on its axis.

Thanks again for your help, and I'll try to remember to give you an update when I receive the parts!

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