Auxiliary front driven hydraulic pump on a TEA

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Auxiliary front driven hydraulic pump on a TEA

Message par sg_tea_55827 » 18 Avr 2006, 16:09

Hi john,

I recently purchased a TEA which I'm curently restoring (full break down so I can clean all the parts, change all the seals, paint what should be painted and reasemble the puzle, preferably without any left over parts...).
I ultimately want to add various home built implement to it, at least 1 FEL and a small backhoe for the rear (plans just about finished to go off to the variuos supliers).
For the backhoe, adding a PTO driven hydraulic pump is a possibility since live PTO is of no incidence since the tractor is in neutral, but for the FEL, i'de rather be able to work the hydraulics while playing with the clutch, so I want to add an auxilary hydraulic pump (in the 4~6 GPM range @ 2500 PSI to drive a open center sytem (tandem open center spool valves).
Looking at the engine, I came to the conclusion that i could either set in on the side of the motor (next to the alternator) and drive in via a V belt) or I could put it on the front of the tractor and drive it via a direct couplin (with damper) of the front of the cranckshaft throught the hole used for manual cranking.
Have you ever seen either of the setups ?
Is it un-recomended to drive a pump (looking at a power usage of 15 HP or so) of the front off a crankshaft since the flywheel is on the other end ?

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Message par john » 20 Avr 2006, 13:33

Hello, For Industrial use I would say go for the drive straight from the crankshaft as this is more robust...but if it is for a more normal use then you can use a belt driven Pump. There is a guy in USA who makes kit for this and he pipes the flow from the front pump into the tractor pump and uses them combined, this gives live hydraulics. If you want to see the splurge he sets out for this go to:-
if you want to discuss this further please feel free.....John

Bonjour, parce que utilisation industrielle que je dirais vais pour la commande directement du vilebrequin car c'est plus robuste... mais s'il est pour un usage plus normal puis vous pouvez utiliser une pompe commande par courroie. Il y a un type aux Etats-Unis qui fait le kit pour le ce et il siffle l'écoulement de la pompe avant dans la pompe de tracteur et les emploie a combiné, ceci donne l'hydraulique de phase. Si vous voulez voir la folie il a visé pour ceci vont : - si vous voulez discuter cet autre svp sentez librement.....John
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Message par sg_tea_55827 » 24 Avr 2006, 15:38

Ok john, thanks for the answer, I think I'll go for a front cranckshaft driven design, I was planning on adding a front fender anyways so the pump will be easy to protect from impacts.

and since translatino for our French friends seem's mandatory....

Ok john, merci pour la réponse, Je pense que je vais opter pour la solution de la pompe frontale avec entrainement direct a partir du vilbrequin, de toute facon je pensait mettre un "pare-choc" avant donc la pompe sera facile à proteger des impacts.
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